The Maine State Troopers Foundation participates in fundraising efforts to aid our goals in assisting Maine citizens, Maine charities and athletic programs and Maine Retired Troopers and other law enforcement and public service members.


MSTF_SP13_C1 magazineThe Maine State Trooper magazine is the official publication of the Maine State Troopers Foundation, licensed by the Maine State Troopers Association. The Maine State Troopers Association is a member of the National Troopers Coalition. The magazine is published twice yearly by Police Publications Inc.

Maine businesses who advertise in the Maine State Troopers magazine help the Maine State Troopers Foundation raise money for various causes and events.

For any questions you may have, please contact Jay Smith at 1-800-999-4689 or 207-272-5445.



The Maine State Troopers Foundation in cooperation with Dunkin Donuts sponsors the Community Mug Program.  Buy a mug from The Maine State Troopers Foundation for $20, bring it into any of your Maine neighborhood Dunkin Donuts in Maine or in Coos or Carroll counties in New Hampshire and receive a free hot or iced Dunkin Donuts coffee every Sunday!

For more information, click the link below.

NOTE: The Mug Program is sold out, check back in fall of 2015 for a new promotion!



The Maine State Troopers Foundation maintains an online store, offering items with Maine State Police insignia for sale. Profits from the sale of items are used to support our programs and events.

Visit our store!  We have a good selection of popular items and new merchandise coming soon in 2015-check back frequently as we run sales.