Enjoy a look into the colorful past of the Maine Highway Patrol and Maine State Police as they appear in photos of historial and political significance, offering security to visiting politicians and assisting during times of strife. Some of these photos have never been published before.

NOTE: Although the Maine Highway Patrol appeared in a 1923 Harley Davidson motorcycle advertisement, currently, the Maine State Police does not endorse products, and Maine State Troopers only appear in public service messages.

MAINE STATE POLICE – Historical and Political Slideshow

1922 - Members of the Maine Highway Patrol with Harley Davidson motorcycles1923 Harley Davidson motorcycle advertisement featuring the Maine Highway Patrol1927 Old Orchard Beach, ME-Troopers attend event landing Old Glory1927 - Spirit of St. Louis lands at Old Orchard Beach, ME. Troopers Sewall, Seamans,  Hancock, Wibe, Door, and Stevens1934-Maine Troopers provide security during the Edwards Mill Strike in Augusta, ME.1938 Summer Old Town, Maine-Trooper Bill Hilchie and daughter Noni in Highway Safety Photo1944 - Troopers on scene after US Army Bomber crashes into a trailer park in South Portland, killing 19 April 1955- Gov. Edmund Muskie presents Troop C Commander Lt. Roger Baker with Governors Safety AwardJune 1955-Sgt. KenTwitchell and Tr. Bud Kneeland meet President Dwight D. Eisenhower in SkowheganLate 50s-Early 60s, United Nations delegation visits Moosehead Lake in Maine. Senator Edmund Muskie, Capt. Millard Nickerson, unidentified Maine Wardens.1964 - Troop F Troopers pose with Senator Margaret Chase Smith1969 - Governors Conference, Prout's Neck, ME. Troopers Parker-LaMontagne-Redwell-McLLauglin-Farrar1963-President John F. Kennedy visits Maine. TRS. Edward Marks, Det. Millard Nickerson, Russ Bruton, Camille Carrier, Ken Higgins, Blaine Umbler1972- Spiro Agnew Republican State Convention Trooper Ralph Pinkham on right11-17-77 Trooper Anna Polvinen Fizell, West Paris, ME, the first female Maine State Trooper

Photo Credits: Eleanor Roosevelt photo courtesy of Nonni Hilchey-Daily, daughter of Trooper Bill Hilchey.
John F. Kennedy photos courtesy of retired Trooper Mark Nickerson, president of Maine State Troopers Foundation,
from the collection of  Maine State Police Captain Millard Nickerson.

Photos are watermarked with copyright notice-no unauthorized use or reproduction without prior permission.


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Anna L. Polvinen, First Female Trooper, Maine State Police 1977