Honoring The Fallen

Since 1791, there have been 22,135 known line of duty deaths of police officers in America.
127 police officers in America died in the line of duty in 2014.
As of May 2015, The State of Maine has lost 86 police officers in the line of duty.
The Maine State Police has lost eleven (11) officers in the line of duty.
See the In Memoriam page of this website for their names and dates of service.
Facts Source: Officer Down Memorial page

The Maine State Police embrace the motto “Troopers Care” and strive to recognize the loss of fellow officers in the State of Maine and beyond and attend their funerals and memorial ceremonies. We also honor the memory of our retired Troopers who leave this life after retiring from the Maine State Police.
Rest Easy, my Fallen Brother/Sister Behind the Badge. We Have the Watch.

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The Maine State Police Pipe and Drum Unit
Wearing the Maine State Tartan
Performs at Law Enforcement Funerals-Memorial Services-Police Graduations