Trooper of the Year

The Trooper of the Year Award was established by the Maine State Police in 1964 in honor of Trooper Charles Clinton Black, who died Thursday, July 9, 1964 when he was shot and killed while responding to a bank robbery in South Berwick, Maine.

A six-year veteran of the Maine State Police and a U.S. Air Force veteran, Trooper Black was 28 years old at the time of his death and was survived by his wife and three young sons.  See the tribute to Trooper Black at the Officer Down Memorial Page here.

The TROOPER OF THE YEAR award recipient is chosen from a group of 10-12 active Maine State Troopers who are selected by their peers or ranking officers as being exemplary Troopers and upholding the tenets of the Maine State Police.The nominations are reviewed by the Maine State Police Merit and Citation Board, and award criteria is based on meritorious service to the citizens of Maine, bravery, solving crime, combating drug problems, social service, and upholding the core values of INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS, COMPASSION, and EXCELLENCE as their guide as they strive to set the example for all to follow.




2021 Det. Greg Roy
Major Crimes North, Tactical Team Commander
Det Abbe Chabot2020 Det. Abbe Chabbot,
Major Crimes
 South, Computer Crimes

Maine State Police release


2019 Tpr. John Darcy, Troop G, Turnpike

Maine State Police Headquarters Post

2018 Cpl. Adam Schmidt Troop A, Alfred

Press Herald Story

Det Lauren Edstrom2017 Det. Lauren Edstrom – Major Crimes South

Bangor Daily News Article

2016 Det. Chris Crawford – Major Crimes South

News Center Article

2015 Cpl. Christopher Smith – Troop J, Ellsworth 

Bangor Daily News Article

2014 Detective Scott Bryant – Evidence Response Team

Central Maine News Article

2013 Trooper Jarod Stedman – Troop E – Bangor, ME.

Bangor Daily News Article

2012 Trooper Jeremy Forbes – Troop A –  York County, ME
(also received Trooper of the Year award in 2004)
Portland Press Herald News article
2011 Trooper Trevor Snow- Troop E – Orono, ME

Bangor Daily News article

2010 Trooper Thomas Pappas – Androscoggin County

Portland Press Herald news article

WCSH news archive

2009  Trooper Michael Johnston

Bangor Daily news article

2008 Trooper Jason Andrews

WABI TV news announcement

2007 Trooper Lucas Hare

Bangor Daily News article

2006 Trooper Larry Rose
Bangor Daily News article
2005 Trooper Scott Stevens
Bangor Daily News archive
2004 Trooper Jeremy Forbes (also awarded 2012 Trooper of the Year)
2003  Trooper Timothy McCadden
Also recipient of Maine State Police Meritorius Service Award Lewiston Sun Journal news archiveBangor Daily news archive
2002 Trooper Alden Bustard Also recipient of Maine State Police Meritorius Service Award 2014
2001 Detective Joseph Zamboni
(Also 2012 recipient of Legendary Trooper Award)Bangor Daily news archive
2000 Detective William Harwood

Bangor Daily News article

In the interest of time, we have shown photos of troopers up to the year 2000. We are planning to add the rest of the Trooper of the Year pictures in the future. If your name is on this list, please send your photo in uniform to Mark Nickerson, MSTF president, to be included in the next update.
1999 Trooper Daniel Marquis
1998 Specialist Robert Chandler
1997 Detective Robert Slattery
1996 Trooper Frank Holcomb
1995 Detective Richard Fowler
1994 Trooper David McPherson
1993 Trooper Jean Poirier
1992 Trooper John York
1991 Trooper Jeffrey Trafton
1990  Trooper Steven Spaulding
1989 Trooper Kelly Barbee
1988 Trooper Kim Espling
1987 Trooper Trooper Brian Theriault
1986 Trooper Robert Andreasen
1985  Corporal Donald Pushard
1984  Corporal Arnold Gahagan
1983  Corporal Charles Howe IV
1982 Trooper Michael Vittum
1981 Corporal Norman Auger
1980 Trooper Malcolm Dow
1979 Trooper Burchell Morrell
1978 Trooper Percy Turner
1977 Trooper Willard Parker
1976 Trooper William Caron
1975 Trooper David Sinclair
1974 Trooper Thomas Wolverton
1973 Trooper Arthur Roy
1972 Trooper Ronald Eccles
1971 Trooper Lawrence Gauthier
1970 Trooper Andrew Demers
1969 Trooper Andrew Demers
1968 Trooper Reynold Lamontagne
1967 Trooper George Graves
1966 Trooper Anson Doughty
1965 Trooper Harry Hansen
1964 Trooper Herman Boudreau