Vintage Cruisers

From 1921 until 1935, the Maine State Highway Patrol, and later the Maine State Police patrolled Maine’s roads with motorcycles. Patrol cruisers were introduced in 1935.

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1937 Bangor Trooper Bill Hilchy with Chevy and Ford cruisers1938 Sgt. Ralph Sullivan -Troop FTrooper Ralph Sully Sullivan and cruiser1939 Ford Deluxe Trooper Edward Gordon1941-Sgt. Robert Doyle black and blue 41 Ford1942 Ford Cruiser, owned by Maine State Troopers Foundation1943 Trooper Otis Labree son Wayne 1940 CruiserTrooper Harold Carson with 46 Ford from MSP Hwy Safety Division1950 Trooper Stephen Regina Scarboro Barracks 49 Ford cruiser1957 Chevrolet Trooper Ken Smith Mill St. Sangerville57 Ford-57 Studebaker-57 Chevrolet Headquarters on Hospital StreetTrooper Brad Smith 1958 Ford Cruiser1958 Ford-Trooper Don Nichols1959 Ford Trooper Francis Grant in Cyr Plantation1960 Chevrolet Biscayne Trooper Richard Hayford1960-Trooper Herman Boudreau at Maine State Police HQ Augusta with Special Edition Highway Safety Ford1961 Trooper Herman Boudreau-State Capitol, Augusta, ME.1964 Ford Galaxie Maine State Police vehicle owned by Maine State Troopers Foundation1964-Trooper Jerry Grenier 1963 Ford 1966 Chevrolet Bel Air with Maine State Police markings removed. 1968 Cruiser Trooper Dick Phippen1970s Plymouth, Trooper in dress uniformRetired Trooper Breen Savage 1973 Plymouth1973 Trooper David Millett future Sgt. Ted Millett 72 Plymouth Fury1978 Plymouth Fury-Linwood Hersey1979 Summer-Scarborough Barracks Troop B HQ June 74 to Dec. 89

The Maine State Troopers Foundation owns and maintains two vintage Maine State Police cruisers,  a 1942 Ford and a 1964 Ford Galaxie, similar to the one featured on the “Andy Griffith” television show.
The vintage cruisers preserve and illustrate the rich history of the Maine State Police. The cruisers are on display
at graduation ceremonies at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro, ME. and are featured in many Maine parades and historical functions. Due to their age and historical value, the cruisers are transported via flatbed trailer to various functions. Both vehicles are in operational order and have been restored as closely as possible to their original condition.